Client Success Stories

Green Light Consulting's programs are designed to help companies grow one step at a time in order to create lasting results in a simple, straightforward manner. Monthly coaching calls guarantee proper execution of each step, while setting goals with a Green Light Consulting employee ensures that companies are able to gauge their successes. We also show companies how to share these tips with their teams in order to unify everyone with the company's vision.

Erbert Lawns

One of our most recent clients, John Erbert of Erbet Lawns in Denver, Colorado, visited the office in December of 2014. He left the Green Light program with new sales goals for 2015, as well as a concise sales plan using the One Step Sales Process. Today, Erbert's business has three sales representatives trained and selling the company's lawncare services. By teaching other companies the tools that they need in order to succeed on their own, Green Light Consulting is able to guarantee a high success rate while helping companies grow.

John Erbert with Chris Noon after completion of the Sales Camp Workshop
John Erbert's growing sales department in Denver, Colorado.

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