About Green Light

Green Light unlocks the secrets on how to profitably grow your business into the multimillion dollar enterprise that you have always dreamed of owning! The founder and sales expert, Christopher Noon, has built two different lawn and landscape home service companies from zero dollars to over 8 million dollars in revenue within just a few years of starting them.

Green Light helps home service professionals find and compellingly promote their unique value creation, while increasing your speed and success in closing sales to new customers. Our team of marketing and sales experts will diagnose the bottlenecks in your marketing, sales and business systems so that your sales and revenues can grow past the million dollar mark and beyond. With Green Light’s One-Step Sales™ program, you’ll finally be running your business, not having it run you. And your hard work will show profitable results.

Everything about the way Green Light operates is client-centered. We communicate openly, honestly and transparently. We offer tangible, practical, proven consultation and guidance, rather than theoretical business instruction. And we are invigorated by the challenge of offering hard-earned, proven advice focused only on advancing the client’s objectives.

Learn how to make your business a fast-growing, money-making machine now!

About Chris Noon

Chris is in the midst of a long and successful career as a sales expert, entrepreneur, consultant, columnist and author. Along with running his own companies, he consults for a variety of home service businesses, and teaches his sales and marketing techniques to a multitude of audiences. Adept in all areas of growing service business, he credits his success to a finely tuned methodology combining Internet and outbound phone sales opportunities. As he is known to say, "the Internet is the trap and the telephone is the kill shot."

Once a struggling entrepreneur searching for the secret formula for success, Chris knows the trials, tribulations, challenges and opportunities facing every person trying to build a business. Once he found the formula, it was life-altering for him both professionally and personally. He has sold thousands of home service accounts and has built two multi-million dollar companies that have net profits of over a million dollars per year. And he continues to have a lot of fun doing it to this very day!

His methods are proven to help decent salespeople become better, and good salespeople become great. He now enjoys teaching his techniques and sharing his knowledge with his clients so that they too can become successful sales and marketing experts in their respective fields.

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